Upgrade details:

  • Added custom css file to project.
  • Simplified Export icon and added info on options.
  • Preview - responsive view mode, click the icons at the top of the window to see how your resource looks on tablet and mobile!
  • Background Chooser – choose from 30 backgrounds, visual display added for user choice!
  • Insert accordion sections updated - maximum of 99.
  • Added animated exit screen to edit view.
  • Fixed a bug causing sub-page checkboxes to lose their state.
  • Fixed a bug causing data loss of some larger projects.
  • Fixed a bug in the quick page feature.
  • Changed save strategy and save triggers.
  • Changed preview function, now opens within project tab.
  • Relocated preview button from Forge toolbar to top right of editor window.


Future work identified

  • Limit user project quota to 50 active.
  • Update quickpages to include better templates.
  • Update quickpages modal to match BG choice.
  • Preview window shows all project pages (even hidden) exported Forge html5 object will only export your visible pages.
  • Brightspace pages export currently publishes the hidden pages from projects.